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Bees & Seeds


"Sit, snack, savour, & smile"

Granola & Me



I am so excited to introduce my sugar-free granola to you all! It has been my dream to share my granola with a larger audience, and prove that one does not have to feel guilty about eating a truly healthy snack. After the loss of my grandmother who struggled with diabetes for much of her life, I made a commitment to myself to diligently reduce my sugar intake, live in a holistically health conscious way, and refocus on mindful eating as a daily mantra with the goal to have a balanced, joyful, and healthy relationship with food.

As a mother of three children and a mental health professional serving children, families and new mothers, I also know how hard it can be to find a healthy, sugar-free snack that not only meets our hunger needs but also keeps us calm and regulated. Bees & Seeds Granola is a well balanced snack, good for the heart, gut and mind, that will fit right into your goals of maintaining a balanced diet and lifestyle. It all starts with having the right food at your fingertips.  


The Bees & Seeds name hopes to honour the many hard working bees that provide us with natural sweetener, that in small amounts is all we need to meet our sweet cravings. This granola is packed with a rich array of seeds, nuts and dried fruit to provide a balanced, hearty snack for mindful, healthy, and busy humans. Make time for yourself to mindfully sit, snack, savour, and smile while enjoying Bees & Seeds Granola.


Net Bag and Glass Jars

Nuts & Seeds 


A carefully crafted combination of oats, seeds, nuts and dried fruits makes up this tasty, crunchy granola. The mix of multiple seeds is vitamin and nutrient-rich, packed with goodness not to mention bright and colourful. Flax seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds make up the bulk of this tasty snack. Almonds and cashews blended with raisins, cranberries, apricots and coconut creates a lovely sweet and salty pairing, satiating those two cravings in one.

Let your taste buds be your guide and order some granola today. 

Fruits and Nuts

"Fruits and nuts and seeds, oh my!"


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The Honey


Our honey is sourced from local bee farmers who remind us that bees make honey not humans. Consuming local honey is not only a lovely way to connect with your local community, but it helps with reducing your seasonal allergies as local pollens are transferred into the raw honey to build your immunity.

Honey is the sweet nectar we get to enjoy on this earth, and like all good things, it can be enjoyed in moderation. You will find less than 2 Tbsp of honey in each 500ml jar of Bees & Seeds Granola. There is not another sugar-free granola like it in stores anywhere, believe us, we have searched far and wide!

So when we say Bees & Seeds is a healthy, guilt-free snack,

we mean it!

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